David Trowbridge Art

David Trowbridge Art

Portrait Artist • New York City • Connecticut

Luxurious Portraiture Influenced by the Style And Techniques of the 19th Century Masters.


Pet Portrait Drawing

"Olive is my dog. I have to say, unsolicited, this drawing looks exactly like her! David captured her exact expression... Amazing!"
Greg, S. Los Angeles, CA

Cat Portrait Painting

"David's attention to detail and ability to capture Nala's personality blew me away. This portrait is now a treasured posession and a truly worthy tribute to a beloved pet who was a member of my family for 15 years."
Dominic W. Portland, ME

Posthumous Dog Portrait

"Hi David,
We received Sunnie and she is beautiful! Thank you so much. Yes we are beyond pleased with the way it turned out. In fact, our new puppy Juno (9 month female chocolate lab) is freaked out by it. It is so realistic that every time June walks by it, she barks and jumps and we have to calm her down. In one full leap she jumped onto the kitchen counter to have a closer look at the dog head staring at her. The painting was totally worth the wait."


Pet Portrait

"Dear David,
We opened the package last night and the painting is spectacular. Better than I had imagined. Even Abby did a double-take. Thank you so much. I am going to post a picture on my FB page as soon as I have a chance so that my friends can see it too. Anyone who knows Abby will recognize her immediately. I have a lead on a good framer and so we will probably be taking it there in the next week or two."

Eric A.

Horse Portrait

Thanks so much for the beautiful painting... I love it. It has gotten rave reviews from everyone who has seen it. Can't wait to get it framed and on display!"

"It really is a wonderful piece, even though you never met this unique creature you really captured her essence in every detail, especially those veins popping out everywhere."
Lissa J.

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